North Shore Wooden Bowls

John Picariello

I am a novice woodturner, taking local, fresh cut hardwoods (from oak, cherry, ash, maple, walnut, linden, and apple) and creating memories of what stood on the North Shore. The process is long from the first chainsaw cut, roughing a shape, and then waiting for the blank to dry. Some wood is lost to cracking or warping as it dries. After 8-12 months of drying, moisture in the wood drops from 25-50% to under 12%, and turning and oil application is done.

It’s not a full time job, but it is very rewarding to create something that will be remembered and hopefully passed down and used for many years.

I am retired after working 46 years at the same company that hired me after two tours in Vietnam. My security clearance put me in a position to support Sandra National Lab, DOE and DOD.


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